California Native Plant Society
Santa Cruz County Chapter

General Meeting
Monday May 14
Keying Club 5:00 pm
Presentation 7:30 pm

UCSC Arboretum Horticulture Building
1156 High Street, Santa Cruz

Native Annual Forbs in California -
the long-term effects of grazing cattle on their persistence and
a survey of their use in restoration

Speaker: Josie Lesage

Native annual forbs (wildflowers) are a large component of the diversity of California's grasslands, especially in northern coastal prairies. Josie will present the results of a follow-up survey to work performed in 2000-2001, which examines the persistence of native annual forb species in coastal prairies from Monterey to Mendocino Counties, and provides evidence of their decline. Furthermore, Josie's talk will include a look at the results of a survey of the use of native annual forbs in grassland restoration efforts statewide.

Josie Lesage is a Ph.D. candidate in the Environmental Studies Department at UC Santa Cruz. She works primarily in coastal prairies, and her dissertation research focuses on the responses of native annual forbs to grazing, and long-term trends in their persistence in grasslands statewide as global climate change becomes more apparent. Her other research interests include seed banks, the reintroduction of rare and listed plant species, and the effects of weather variability in shaping California's plant communities.