California Native Plant Society
Santa Cruz County Chapter

General Meeting
Monday March 12
Keying Club 5:00 pm
Presentation 7:30 pm

UCSC Arboretum Horticulture Building
1156 High Street, Santa Cruz

Ken Kellman
Lichens - what are they anyway?


Our very own Ken Kellman, who has entertained us in the past explaining bryophytes, has expanded his interests into lichens. What is a lichen anyway? They are amazing natural art, and wonderful models for understanding symbiosis and communities.

Ken will introduce basic lichen biology, their role in our environment, and discuss new discoveries in the lichen world. And like his bryophyte talks, he will bring a sampling of common lichens for examination under dissection microscopes. So if you have a dissection microscope with a light, please bring it. The more microscopes the better.